Retailer & Consumer Products

Optech Solutions provides customized ecommerce software product development services that are fast, reliable and cost-effective.

The retail industry is always in a state of flux due to a large number of customers and their demands, a growing list of locations, seasonal plans, and so on. IT solutions providers for the retail industry must take into account these unique needs. Our deep understanding of the retail and distribution market enables us to offer flexible, powerful and scalable solutions. Our clients routinely report improved service and convenience, better customer retention, increased profits and smoother relationships with business partners as some of the benefits they have derived from our solutions. The widespread adoption of social networking has shifted the traditional online shopping model to incorporate consumers’ active participation in the marketing and selling of products.

Our solutions for retailers include:

Ecommerce solution
Point of Sale (PoS) solutions
Supply Chain Management
Data Warehousing
Customer Information Systems
Customer Relationship Management
Enterprise Application Integration
Internet based procurement solutions
Inventory Management
Order Processing
Accounts Receivable
General Ledger & Payroll