Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Optech is equipped to manage a client entire recruitment and hiring process. This includes job profiling, pre-screening candidates, coordinating interviews, negotiating salaries, making job offers and the final on-boarding of the new recruit.

Optech has established itself as a seasoned partner and an accomplished plug and play RPO Company. Being one of the early entrants in the RPO space, we serve more than 100 global clients from our offshore delivery centers.

Our goal is to nurture long-term business relationships and ensure that our clients get the best candidates within a given budget. We enjoy a reputation of being a sincere and approachable team and are known in the industry for our quick turnaround time.

Our zeal to stay at the top drives us to implement the latest technologies, maintain robust infrastructure and upgrade our sourcing tools from time to time. Our high speed internet connectivity empowers video conferencing and rapid data transfers which insulates our clients from remote delivery issues. Our recruiters come with excellent communication skills and maintain a global outlook, thus making it easier to work with companies worldwide. Given the effort we put in, Optech offshore delivery presence and infrastructure is the best amongst the RPO players in the industry.

Our specialties for Corporate and high volume recruitment organizations are

Resume Sourcing

Full Cycle Recruitment

24 X 7 Sourcing

Turnkey project hiring

Partnering with Optech Solution RPO directly impacts you in the following ways:

1. Your recruiting capabilities increase without increasing your headcount

We have sample bandwidth to scale up or scale down to manage our clients hiring spikes. We can set up recruitment teams quickly allowing our customers to remain competitive locally. As a global company, we maintain real time data and statistics covering various areas of business across geographies. Based on your requirement, we can provide you critical information, devise a customized strategy and begin implementation immediately.

2. Your speed of hire and candidate yield improves via a 24 X 7 hiring centre

Optech functions round the clock. When your recruiters come in to work they can instantly start working on resumes which are already sourced, screened and evaluated by our skilled recruiters while they were away. Your recruiter productivity grows manifold due to the extra time available to focus on submitting candidates rather than sourcing them.

3. Your quality of recruitment increases

Optech RPO handles operational tasks and qualifies resumes. With relevant resumes readily available, your US recruiters can concentrate better on their core competency calling candidates, getting them onboard, coordinating interviews and doing great business.